Stow-E-Way Offer Ends Tonight!

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Stow-E-Way Offer Ends Tonight!

Don’t miss out on
£100 off parts and accessories this weekend
when you buy a Stow-E-Way.

stow-e-way lifestyle

The Stow-E-Way is ideal for those that live in a flat, commute to
work or take bikes on a caravanning holiday. With our
£100 off offer you can purchase all the
accessories you need for your bike. Online we have bags, bells,
lights and more that can be a great addition to your new bike.

Our Stow-E-Way offer ends tonight at midnight

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RAF Chopper

Could you ride a Raleigh Chopper for 136 miles?!

Douglas Gowans is riding a special edition Raleigh Chopper from
Whitehaven to Tynemouth to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund.
We have loaned Douglas a limited edition Chopper to complete his
challenge, cycling 136 miles from coast to coast. He tells his
story on our blog, take a read and donate to his challenge to
support the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

Read his story

Cyclefest Lifestyle shot

Glorious sunshine at Cycle Fest

Last weekend we attended the Scottish Wanderer Cycle Fest
– the first of
three Cycle Fest events. Ebike demos were enjoyed in the glorious
sunshine and we
can’t wait for the
next two events!

We will be travelling to Yorkshire on 27th May for the National
Wanderer event at Sledmere House. This event includes an 8 mile
family fun ride in addition sportive routes for the hard core

Then we’ll be off
to Wales to the Monmouth Show Ground on the 26th August for the
Welsh Wanderer event. At both of these events
you’ll have the
opportunity to demo our ebikes as well as enjoying a family day

Discover more
Bike finder gif

Get yourself a new bike for summer!

If you’re inspired
by Douglas and his coast to coast challenge or if the sportive
Cycle Fest events have made you miss your regular bike rides – why
not invest in a new bike? We have a bike for everyone so no one
misses out on the joy of riding! Take our bike finder quiz and find
the ideal bike for you.

Find my bike

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Enjoy your commute, save money
and help the planet
– all with an

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