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Kerusso® supports those who serve, and our faith-based
Patriotic & Military-Themed apparel are a great way to give
them a shout-out.

Kerusso® stands
behind the men & women who have protected and served the United
States of America.

Boldly share your pride in our nation, and your gratitude for the
veterans who have safeguarded our freedom, in our original line-up
of faith-based Patriotic & Military-Themed

These captivating designs provide opportunities to thank someone
for their service, and start conversations about Jesus.

#standstrong    #ThankAVeteran


For a limited
time, use code HERO at checkout to save 20% on all Patriotic & Military Themed
and get FREE Shipping.

Coupon code HERO offer for 20% off
Patriotic & Military-themed Apparel + Free Shipping is valid
for a limited time on offer-eligible items on,
valid for one use per code per customer per transaction, and
requires a minimum purchase. Code must be entered at time of
checkout to receive discount and cannot be combined with any other
code. Codes are not valid on or for: Gift Cards or e-Gift
certificates; items that are made-to-order; out-of-stock items;
prior purchases; and taxes and shipping charges. Shipping offers
are valid only for standard shipping to locations within the
contiguous U.S. and require a minimum purchase. Standard
international rates for shipping apply. Images used in
advertisement may not always represent current inventory and
availability. Kerusso reserves the right to make changes to or
discontinue any code at any time. See website FAQs for full terms
and conditions.

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