New product roundup

May 2018


Welcome to May’s new product roundup. We have been
concentrating on fleshing out existing ranges over the last month,
so only one new range, but a good one. So please do take a look at
the supplement strength Rio Amazon teas from Rio Health suggested
to us by a regular customer.

Great news for those with Santevia water systems in that
not only are we back in stock of their water filters, we have some
new Santevia products to boot including the long-awaited fluoride

Dr Mercola new offerings this month include a range of
enzymes to help support specific gut health goals. 

Have a scroll through below. Simply click on anything that
takes your interest for more information.

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longer be able to inform you of new products, or send you
newsletters after the 25th of May due to GDPR regulations.  To
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In Health and Happiness,

New Brand

Many years ago, Rio Health’s our co-founder travelled to
Brazil and was inspired by the wonderful herbs which grew
abundantly in every corner of the Amazon rainforest. 

He found a treasure trove of nature’s
finest botanicals which had been used by indigenous peoples to
support their health and wellbeing. His mission was to bring the
finest herbs back to the western world, and to share their
beneficial properties.

Other new products

We are enormously grateful to be rated 5/5 based on
over 1,200 independent customer reviews, and we’re working hard to
ensure it stays this way!

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