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10 May 2018

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Best Sellers

  1. Mindfulness
    – Williams, Mark;Penman,
  2. 12
    Rules for Life
    – Peterson, Jordan
  3. Why
    Men Love Bitches
    – Argov,
  4. This
    Naked Mind
    – Grace,
  5. Mindset
    – Dweck, Carol S.


Gamb, Maria

Benefit from values-based leadership Values-driven organizations
are considered by some to be the most successful on the planet.
They have high levels of engagement, generate higher earnings, and
are more profitable by having an inclusive, …
Brockis, Jenny

Super-charge your brain to gain a huge competitive edge in business
and in life Future Brain is the busy professional’s secret weapon
for boosting mastery, efficiency, and productivity to gain that
coveted competitive edge — in business …
Stoykov, Vanessa

A new way of seeing life and money High school’s over. We’re no
longer the nerd, the athlete, the princess or the bad boy. Instead,
we are the parent, worker, wife, husband, daughter or son. But we
all have things in common – and one of them is …
Dowrick, Stephanie
Allen & Unwin

Australia’s foremost self-help author gathers her wisdom into a
comprehensive volume for today’s time-poor readers – a modern-day
bible of personal and social development.
Robbins, Mike
Hay House

In today’s work environment, the lines between
our professional and personal lives are blurred more than ever
before. Whatever is happening to us outside of our
workplace—whether stressful, painful, or
joyful—follows us into work …
Forsyth, John P.;Eifert, Georg H.
New Harbinger Publications

From the authors of the groundbreaking and best-selling The
Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety , this essential
guide offers fifty-two quick and powerful mindfulness-based
strategies to help readers break free from fear, worry, and
Saltzman, Amy;Thompson, Jim
New Harbinger Publications

Based on her groundbreaking Still Quiet Place mindfulness program,
holistic physician, mindfulness coach, and long-time athlete Amy
Saltzman provides practical, step-by-step exercises and skills to
help both sports enthusiasts and professional …
Hay, Louise L.
Hay House

Louise L. Hay brings you a very special work that is dear to her
heart. In Gratitude, Louise has gathered the insights and collected
wisdom of some of the most wonderful teachers and writers she
knows…people who have demonstrated the power of …
Dooley, Mike
Hay House

Playing the Matrix is Mike Dooley ’s advanced
course on living deliberately and creating consciously. The
concepts he shares were born of material he’s
delivered to live audiences the world over, culminating in his most
impactful, most …
Wilde, Stuart
Hay House

Stuart makes the point that creating miracles in our lives is no
more complicated than understanding the metaphysics of the
Universal Law, which states that within human beings there lies an
immense power . . . and this power is impartial and …
Psychologies Magazine

What’s stopping you from realising your ambitions? What kind of
successful person do you want to be? If you think being ambitious
is a negative trait, it’s time to think again. Real Ambition will
help you understand why some people achieve …
Ross, Stewart
Michael O’Mara

If you’ve always fancied yourself a bit of a
Sherlock Holmes, there’s no better way to test
yourself than against these ingenious puzzles. In this intriguing
book, Stewart Ross presents 25 new Sherlock Holmes cases and
challenges you to pit your …
Johnson, Kimberly Ann

A guide to help support women through post-partum healing on the
physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual levels. This
holistic guide offers practical advice to support women through
postpartum healing on the physical, emotional, …
Corneau, Guy

An experience of the fragility of conventional images of
masculinity is something many modern men share. Psychoanalyst Guy
Corneau traces this experience to an even deeper feeling men have
of their fathers’ silence or absence—sometimes
literal, but …
Editorial, Kogan Page
Kogan Page

Improve your career options with accessible advice on over 300
positions, with details on entry routes, qualifications, salary
expectations and useful contacts.
Lin, Steven
Hay House

Throughout the years, dental health has often been characterized as
a reflection of our overall health, where bad oral health results
from issues with other parts of our body. But what if we flipped
the paradigm? What if we thought about dental …



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